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Neon Green and Purple Trees_fixed_croppe

Image created by Brian Honeycutt using photos by Felicia Fis, and (Diego PH, Estes McKenna)



Brian is currently focused on creating electronic music that is inspired by and infused with the magical, joyful, sometimes childlike spirit of life.

The music does not necessarily fit easily into any one genre, but is influenced by a variety of new age and electronic music artists, video games, fantasy, animated shows, and spirituality. It is the culmination of Brian's personal journey so far, a joining of the subtleties of maturity and depth earned by experience and the wonder and playfulness found within our imagination and hearts.

Brian has been releasing a diverse range of music since 2001. Since then, Brian has been involved with projects creating everything from the aforementioned electronic music, to wildly unique and experimental music (Infinite Pink Laser), to metal (Architects of Light), to peaceful and introspective instrumental guitar soundscapes (Moonlight Bright). Although Brian has used a variety of instruments to create music, he has predominantly done so via electronic music, guitar, and singing.

Brian's live performances have ranged from 4 piece rock band to electronic-based performances paired with videos created by Brian.

Brian has also been writing since he was a teenager, most notably having written the spiritual science fiction novel The Waters of Zior.

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