Brian has been involved with several bands since 2001. Although primarily a guitarist and singer, Brian has also created a wide range of music using computers, synthesizers, homemade electronic instruments, and various other instruments.

Brian is also the author of Waters of Zior, a spiritual science fiction novel, and Mr. Benson Lives by the Sea, a heartfelt short story.

Brian's work runs the gamut from intensely emotional to serene. From the expansive to the depths.


Sometimes the work is atmospheric and introspective, as with much of his Moonlight Bright project. At other times it is the aggressive yet beautiful industrial metal of Particle Swarm. Or it could even take the form of the epic and inspiring, as with the rock/metal band Architects of Light.

Whatever form the work takes, it's always interesting and infused with passion.

Brian is currently involved creating new music for both Architects of Light and Particle Swarm.


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